WINNER NII Korea summer photo shoot

140422 NII 2014 WINNER SUMMER - Interview

KSY: During our first shoot, because it was our first shoot, I think we were more nervous which made our bodies and face expressions stiffer than usual. But this time, definitely because we have done this before, I think we are more relaxed and in the midst of taking the pictures, we are able to enjoy it more. So we had a lot of fun during the shoot.
KSY: The fans really loved it. But us on the other hand were worried because it was our first shoot with thoughts like ‘What if it doesn’t come out good,’ but because the fans really liked it we were really thankful and we all feel like we got out a lot from working so hard during the shoot, so we are really thankful and happy.
MINO: Personally, I think the satisfaction level of today’s shoot is higher. Because, at the last shoot, it was our first commercial shoot and we were nervous and all, we have those reasons, but I lost weight since then. So I have expectations maybe the pictures today came out better than last time, but who knows, we haven’t seen the actual photos yet. I’ll expect something good~
JINWOO: You do that~
KSY: And also the clothes that we are wearing today are part of the’BLACK LINE’ clothing which include our motif,
JINWOO: Black line~
KSY: Yes, because the designers said that they made these clothes in consideration of our motif, we have a special attatchment, and it feels like we are wearing our own clothes, so we feel really good today and I think overall we were able to have more fun during the shoot.
TAEHYUN: For me, when we earlier-what was it… the vacation/traveling concept with props like carriers and bags and telescopes was my favorite and I think we had a lot of fun with the shoot.
TAEHYUN: I want to buy it. I’m going to buy it.
KSY: Is that a promise?
TAEHYUN: Yes, I will buy it.
TAEHYUN: Because it’s summer, some people think that it is uncomfortable to wear clothes that are black, but that is not important.
KSY: That’s very… well I also want to recommend it. We had a plan of imagining a beach in front of us and being like, a rich son on a vacation, and I would like to recommend it. It’s neat and has wit, and it’s comfortable. So when you are going on a summer vacation with these shorts and shirts, then maybe it would be a good vacation look.
SEUNGHOON: This time, I think the picket(?) came out very pretty. If you lift the collar up then there are three lines there, so details like that are nice, and the color scheme is very colorful, so I recommend wearing clothings with NII’s special style.
SEUNGHOON: I thought looking at Taehyun’s polaroid, his face was full in the little rectangle giving a kiss, that he knows the female heart. This friend knows the female heart. If I was a girl, I think I would have really wanted that picture.
TAEHYUN: For me, I think from the polaroids, Jinwoo hyung’s polaroid came out very handsome. It came out handsome, he is handsome. So I think it’s good.
MINO: He’s handsome now too.
JINWOO: No I’m not~ I have to be humble
KSY: I like my polaroid.
KSY: Because I felt like the other members’ wouldn’t mention mine, I’ll just say I suggest my polaroid. I suggest my polaroid which has the cute side of me, and my sharp chin-line that I worked on myself.
SEUNGHOON: Photoshop! He means he did photoshop on the polaroid.
KSY: I touched on the polaroid myself. If you see it you’ll be surprised.
JINWOO: For me, I like Mino’s polaroid- because you can’t really see his face and it has a lot of drawings. Yea, it’s really cool.
MINO: For me, I’m sorry to the members, but I couldn’t see their polaroids. I only saw mine.
SEUNGHOON: Ah~ honestly if we went that far my name should’ve come up.
KSY: That’s why I mentioned my own name.
SEUNGHOON: You should pay more attention to your members, you don’t know our looks, clothes, what are you doing~
MINO: I’m sorry, and I’ll look at them. Because I haven’t seen it I’m looking forward to it. Our members’ are very photogenic when it comes to polaroid pictures. Because the pictures aren’t very high quality, they come out blurry. Onto the next question~
KSY: So overall, I think it’s good to look forward to all 5 members’ polaroid pictures.
KSY: To everyone who loves NII and us WINNER, thanks to the great opportunity given to us, we were able to have a second photoshoot here, and I think you should all look forward to it. We all had a lot of fun during the shoot, so look forward to it, and please continue to give us lots of love along with NII. Thank you, this has been WINNER! Thank you!

Translated by fy-winner

WINNER NII Korea summer photo shoot

WINNER NII Korea summer photo shoot

WINNER NII Korea summer photo shoot

WINNER NII Korea summer photo shoot

WINNER profile for NII Korea summer photo shoot


[OSEN=최나영 기자] YG Entertainment’s new group WINNER is expected to make a comeback soon.

It is highly likely that the artist that is to follow AKDONG MUSICIAN, YG’s sibling duo topping music charts for 6 weeks in a row, will be WINNER. OSEN confirmed recently through the crew WINNER’s schedule for filming a music video.

It is said that SEO HYUN SEUNG, a director who was in charge of BIGBANG and 2NE1’s videos will be directing WINNER’s one. YG has been asking him to direct top priority songs as he produced BIGBANG’s “FANTASTIC BABY” that reached 100 million views and 2NE1’s “I AM THE BEST,” which attracted the biggest number of viewers out of all 2NE1’s videos. Thus it is easy to understand through this that YG is giving much care and attention on WINNER.

Apart from performing in South Korea, WINNER already appeared as guests of the concert opening for BIGBANG’s Japan’s 6 largest Dome Tour. The event is a proof that YG’s founder YANG HYUN SUK has high expectation for the group, as he personally organized it to provide performance opportunities.

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